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Statement on Preliminary Election September 27, 2017 Vensa Nuon finished fourth out of 23 candidates in Tuesday’s preliminary election with 3095 votes. Vesna received the highest vote total of any non-incumbent challenger. READ MORE >
Statement on Opioid Epidemic September 9, 2017 "This is a nationwide problem, so what can we do in Lowell to prevent addiction and assist those who suffer from addiction? I believe we can have a tangible impact locally by bringing together policymakers, legislators, public health providers, educators, law enforcement, and those aiding recovery and rehabilitation to work toward real solutions for battling this crisis. " READ MORE >
WGBH - "Lowell Residents Challenge The City's Voting System" June 13,2017 Vesna talks to WGBH reporter Gabrielle Emanuel about his experience serving as one of two Cambodian city councilors in Lowell's history and his work to ensure representation for his community in Lowell's government. LISTEN HERE >
Statement on Lowell High School Vote June 13,2017 "As a leader within the Southeast Asian community, as someone who cares deeply about this city, and as a father of two children - a recent Lowell High School graduate and a 10-year-old who will attend the new LHS, I am compelled to express my full support for keeping LHS downtown..." READ MORE >
Former city councilor seeking re-election The Lowell Sun - By Chris Lisinski - May 22, 2017 "It has always been my vision and passion to make things better, to involve people, to make things better in the city, to give back," Nuon said. "That's why I want to do it again." READ MORE >
PRESS RELEASE - Vesna announces campaign for city council May 22, 2017 Vesna Nuon, former city councilor and long-time community activist, announces his candidacy for Lowell City Council. “Lowell is a stronger city when every resident has the opportunity to participate in government,” said Nuon. “I look forward to engaging everyone, to hear their ideas and know their needs.” READ MORE >