for lowell city council
on the issues If elected, I would focus on three key priorities: Establishing a Participatory Public Budget Allocating how tax dollars are spent should be an open and transparent process that involves the people of Lowell. If elected to the City Council I will work to bring the budget process to neighborhood meetings. I believe engaging the public in the decision-making process results in better outcomes for everyone. When the public is engaged, potential problems are better understood, new ideas are voiced, and citizens are active in their closest level of government. If you have an idea, I want to hear it. Bolstering Community Policing Efforts As a resident of Lowell for 26 years, I have seen the Lowell Police Department transform into a community-oriented police force. Over the years, this has built trust with our diverse community and its neighborhoods. Through my work as a community activist, I helped the City of Lowell diversify its police force using Federal funds to hire the first two Cambodian-American officers. Drawing from my background in public safety, which began when I joined the Middlesex County District Attorney's office in 1991, I want to build on these efforts to help ensure the Lowell Police Department has the trust of our community for many years to come. Leading on Economic Development Economic development is vital to the City of Lowell’s continued success. I have great respect for the small business owners who continue to open new or expand existing enterprises. I believe the City government’s role in economic development is to follow the long-term plans that have been agreed upon on with public engagement. The City Council needs to show leadership and consensus to private developers and business owners to build a vibrant and sustainable urban community for every person who calls Lowell home. Successful 21st century communities with exciting downtowns have housing and amenities to support local businesses, and they have woven their neighborhoods together. I want the same for Lowell. By connecting the Highlands and Cambodiatown with the Downtown through the Lord Overpass project, we can build community and economic development. By connecting the Acre to the Downtown through improvements along Merrimack Street, we can build community and economic development. By replacing the Rourke Bridge and better connecting Pawtucketville to the rest of Lowell, we can build community and economic development. These projects will take investment and community engagement. They will not happen overnight, but they are vital to the continued success of Lowell. for information on a specific issue or topic, please contact the campaign at: VesnaForLowell@gmail.com CLICK TO READ MORE